Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photo shoot with Princess Briley

Ok so almost every day now Briley has to dress up like a princess or more recently a ballerina. This little tutu dance dress is one of Aunt Jessicas that we had to take over for a while after discovering it at Grandma Olsen's house. The other day Jessica was getting ready for the Prom and of course Briley had to dress like a princess too! She even had to have eyeshadow "eyes" and lipgloss "lips" and hair up and and a necklace and a flower on her arm "like Jessica" The cutest thing ever. She was soaking it all in. I couldn't help but smile and laugh at how focused and in to the role she was. Even when Jessica's date came to take pictures Briley was right there next to Jessica posing for pictures. Then we went to the Prominade to see everyone and she of course had to stay dressed up for the dance! She even commented on the dresses she liked. Afterwords when we left to the cars she said "That fun mommy"! LOVE IT!
So in this picture she was remembering that night and she of course had to have a necklace and a flower on her arm and hold a flower too. (At the prominade the girls were given long stem roses from their dates wich Jessica let Briley have).
Typical dress up conversation:
Briley: " I Cinderella (or whatever princess of the day) and you ... Snow White (princess) k"
Me: "ok"
Briley: "Hi Snow White"
Me: "Hi Cinderella"
Lately since I watched a dancing ballerina show with her she is a "Bal-ina" Again I love it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Briley's 3rd Princess Birthday!

Such a cute little princess! She was loving that it was all about her. And every girl was a princess at this party. Even the grandmas! The barbie cake was a fun adventure as well. I must say it turned out cute! She is sch a big girl now. Big seat and big girl bike! Love you princess Briley!

Carson's 6th birthday!

Here are a few pics of Carson the night of his birthday! He also went bowling with a few friends and when the mom that took the pictures emails me the pics I will post those also! He had a lot of fun and felt special. We also sent cotton candy to Kindergarten for BD treats. It was a hit. Thanks to Grandpa Olsen and Amalgamated Sugar Co. Love my big growing boy!