Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cute little Briley

Carson at the beach and in the pool with friends and Daddy at Bear Lake.

We went to Bear Lake for a family vacation a few weeks ago & took 4-wheelers instead of a boat due to unpredicable weather. It was fun. We found a place were we just drove the 4-wheelers right up onto the beach.

Here are a couple more cute pictures we took & bought. I am taking Briley in next week for updated ones of her. Carson always does so good in front of the camera. In fact since having Briley, every time he holds her or lays by her he thinks I need to take a picture of them. It is pretty cute. He sure loves his little sister. She is patient with him too.

Well, here is our most current family photo. It was interesting trying to focus on looking good on camera and worrying if either child is cooperating. It turned out ok enough.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bryce and Shelly Stanger Family

Here we go. I am now an official blogger. Hopefully it will get better with time. Our family was established November 23, 2002. Carson is now 3 and Briley is almost 3 months old.