Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun Utah get away

School is out so we headed down to Utah to get away for a few fun days!

Rain on Saturday kept us in so Briley and Grandma Great cooked snicker doodles to share. We also went to a fun gaming center with second cousins (Gage, Broc, Macy Heslop). Did fun arcade games, miniature golf and laser tag. Then mom and dad got to go out to eat and to Avengers for a date with Jennie and Kory.

On Memorial Day we had a hot dog roast in the firepit with some family. The kids played and played. Cute Briley and Macy were good little buddies.
Carson got a sleep over with cousin Alex and then got to try dirt biking. He did pretty good and had a fun time. Crashes and all with battle wounds to prove it.

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