Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving in the Shop!

We had quite the gang over to Kevin & Judy's house so we warmed up the shop and laid downold carpet to make it cozy & we had dinner & a movie(slideshows of the kids growing up)! It was good! By the way Briley looks just like Bryce's toddler pictures but without the red hair.

Newer pictures

These were taken the other day of our old living room space being opened up to our new living space. The other picture is of the new hallway leading to the new bedrooms, laundary room and bathroom. It use to be Briley's closet space. They put the windows in yesterday & the electrician is going to finish his work next week so they can start insulation, siding, & drywall. It is finally starting to come along. We aren't going to be in it by Christmas since they are behind schedule so I am keeping my fingers crossed for the end of the year!!!