Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hoogle Zoo and Aquarium


Our family vacation this year was to Utah visiting Grandma and grandpa great and going to the zoo, aquarium, the aerospace museum, and a fun ride on the frontrunner commuter train. "A real train" as Carson called it. We had a lot of fun!!
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Nature Park


Feeding the ducks at Nature Park, Rexburg trip!! So many ducks, wished we brought more bread.
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Splash Park


We took a little trip to see Scott and Brittany in Rexburg before they moved to California. We had a fun little adventure. These are a few pics of the day at the Splash Park playing in the water, toys, and flying a kite. Thanks scott and brittany for the fun weekend.
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Cousins Camping


While aunt Tina and kids were here for July one of the many activities we did was going camping in the South Hills for a night. Lots of good food, dirt, hiking, and just plain mountain fun!! Loggen, Hadlee, Brayden, Chase, Wesley, Lilly, Maddy, Rees, Mazy, and of course Carson and Briley.
We also went swimming with cousins a few times this summer at Nat-Soo-Pah. I failed to take any pics of that but Bri did and posted them on facebook for us!!
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Summer fun

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4th of July

Finally updating our busy summer! Here are a few holiday pics!