Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can you say 3!

We are expecting!!! Baby number three! Due to arrive October 16th or round-about. The kids are excited. Briley wants a girl baby and Carson wants a boy baby- go figure right?!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

CTR Briley

So ever since primary at church today Miss Briley has been singing "choose the right" song all day and then tonight we sit down to read scriptures and Briley says "just a minute let me find choose the right" she then proceeds to flip through her scriptures til she comes to the "right" page and then says "oh there it is". Lovin primary!

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Birthday boy turns 7!!!

Happy birthday to my awesome boy Carson! He is so grown up lately, I can't believe it some days.

Had us some Lego cakes this year

A long movie but fun to watch. Briley starts bawling because she wants her turn and Carson is surprised to get his golf clubs. He also got a bike ramp homemade by Grandpa Olsen. Tried it out today- lots of fun!

A sample pic of the treats we made for his school class.
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