Monday, January 23, 2012

First day!

First day of First grade! So excited!! (back in September). Carson really likes his teacher Mrs. Wiesmore. (it was Miss Bergner, but she got married). And mom and dad really like her too. He is doing great with his math and spelling tests and really does a great job with his comprehension and is learning more and more and doing better and better every day on his reading! First grade is pretty great.

His picture of himself is a pretty good replica of himself don't you think?! He is a darn good artist!

Briley also started a Preschool this year. It is like a Joy school where us moms rotate and do the teaching every few weeks. It has been a good experience for Briley and mom both. And a lot cheaper! Briley loves it and is doing a good job at learning more and more every day!

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Catch up on FIRST lost tooth!

Carson lost his first tooth shortly before 1st grade this last year! Mom had to sneakily pull it out since he was very nervous about it hurting. But we survived and he was sure proud of the new development.

He has since lost his other bottom tooth and just this last weekend decided to be brave and pull out his top tooth this time all by himself. Let me tell you it was a dramatized experience that lasted over an hour. We started to video it but once the video hit about 20 min we decided to turn it off. And only after mom bumped his tooth did he finally with MUCH encouragement pull it out on his own. And guess what he said- "it didn't even hurt". Go figure mom and dad do know what they are talking about!

If you look close Carson twisted the tooth with his tongue and turned it backwards and sideways- I was so tempted to just yank it out myself it was so loose. So now we have Toothless Joe happy that it is finally out!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

California Adventure day August 2011

We got lucky to get a picture with Woody and Jesse together. They were really cute teasing each other and all. The kids loved it.

We really liked the Toy Story ride! Too bad it always had a long line or we would have done it more!

So Briley LOVED The Little Mermaid ride, we went on it multiple times. Good thing it was a fast moving one!

The Cars ride is not quite ready yet but got a cute pic with the stars!

The kids really liked the Bugs Life part of California Adventures. Just their size!

Bumper cars oh my!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

August 2011 First day of Disneyland

Predisneyland photo shoot!

Getting ready for one of the many rides to come!

Our little family just so excited!

It was Camden's first Disneyland trip too!

Then thanks to Brittany and her special friend we got a special showing with our new favorite Disney duo Rapunsel and Flinn!

Briley was a little star struck sadly but now talks about seeing her with excitement!

Carson got to chill with Flinn. They did a really good job staying in character, it was fun!

It was a fun day and we were glad Jessica, mom, dad, Scott, Brittany, and Camden came to join us in the fun!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

iPad fun and hair cut

So my wonderful husband surprised me with a new iPad for Christmas! So I am now attempting to blog from it yeah me!!
Here are Briley's first official haircut pictures. She got it done in December. She was brave and so excited! You could tell she felt so special and grown up!

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Cute huh! The haircut is cute but she makes it cuter!!