Sunday, April 22, 2012

The things kids say

The cute sayings of the past few weeks:
Briley- "ewwh a CREEPY on the door get it mom"(can't find it but probably a small bug of some sort- cute name for a bug though.)
Briley- Me, "what is your name?" Briley, "Briley Jo Stanger." Me,"what is Your brother's name?" Briley, "Carson Bryce Stanger." Me, " What is dad's name?" Briley, "Um handsome?" I proceed to smile and laugh at her innocent cuteness. Briley then says, "I just can't say that word. I can't remember. Um, Willum?" Me, "Oh William?" Briley, "William Bryce Stanger!" Smarter than I thought. I was just looking for Bryce or Bryce Stanger! But she out did herself and made me smile and daddy happy!
Carson- "So I am the master of finding cool rocks!"
Carson- "I am the Majesty of the swing set!" (he tells our friends while playing on our play set this afternoon)
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring break snowboard adventure

Snowboarding over Spring break at Pomerelle! Had a fun time. Carson mastered the Magic Carpet hill pretty good. He got to the point where he could ride down the hill without stoping or crashing! It was mom and Carson's first try at it and we liked it. The big hill was a little to fast for him but we will work on his skills for next time!

Went with our good friends the Merricks. Kate is in Carson's class at school and Eli is in Kindergarten. Their mom and my friend Elaine helped us learn to board that day. Fun times.

Carson and I braving the big slope- riding up on the lift!

Had to take a break. The snow was slick and we were tired by the end of the day. But we made it down then went back to the Magic Carpet hill to remind Carson how fun it is! Mom enjoyed it too. Next time we will bring dad so Elaine can work with mom a little more and spend more time down the mountain. Lets just say I got really good at the magic carpet too! But it was really about Carson that day and he was a good date!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Briley's 4th Birthday

Mom and Aunt Jessica made Briley a fun little castle cake (that turned out pretty good if I might say so myself).

Posing so pretty princess for her moment! Happy birthday!

Oh the excitement of opening new presents! ( the camera barely had a chance to sneak in to get a few shots!

Got a new treasure chest of dress up princess dresses. Oh so fun!

All the local Stanger cousins got to come and help us enjoy Briley's special day on her birthday!

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