Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Letter

So, here it is again the Christmas season of sharing. So much has happened this year. And we have so much to be grateful for.
Carson turned 3 on March 1st. He is getting so big. It is amazing what those little brains absorb. He is still going to daycare 2 days a week and loves it. He really wants to be big enough to go to school. Christmas will be fun this year with him.
Briley Jo was born on March 18th. Delivery went well. I had to had an emergency c-section with Carson, but I was able to have Briley naturally. And when I say naturally that is what I mean. I labored a lot at home and had her within an hour after arriving at the hospital. It has been so fun to have a little girl, bows, dresses and the works. She is little miss independent and in such a hurry to grow up.
Bryce has been busy working at Gem State Paper. He is such a great dad. He played on a city league flag football team this fall and had a lot of fun. He survived the whole season with no injuries, then on Thanksgiving day family and friends got together to play a game and he ended up with a broken wrist. So he is now sporting a beautiful black cast!
As for me, just trying to stay afloat! Still working, 2 days a week. I am in our ward primary presidency. It has been a good experience. Other than that it is just go, go, go everyday; laundary, housework, shopping, playing with the kids, etc.
We wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!
Love, Bryce-Shelly-Carson-Briley


Sooo Big!!

Briley is getting funner and funner every day! This was taken the end of October!

Famous Couples Halloween Party

We had a fun party in October with our friends, everybody was super creative. Bryce is all about Smallville right now so he wanted to be Clark Kent. And man look at that head of hair!!

Late Halloween Posts

I know it is now December, but life has been crazy so here are my cute kids on Halloween